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The latest batteries, which fit standard operating conditions, have been fulfilled


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Experts in the field since 1960
The company has a large number of the best engineers and professional technicians


We started in Egypt

Melting, refining and manufacturing of lead and batteries in the third industrial zone

Who we are?

The Egyptian Smelting, Refining and Manufacturing Company for lead and batteries in the third industrial zone

Our history begins in 1940 with the Lead Manufacturing, Melting and Refining Factory, one of the first companies in the lead processing industry in Egypt and the Middle East, where we excel in the production of the primary component of any battery: lead. Our long history in processing lead and refining it to the desired grade, has allowed us to acquire an unrivaled experience in the production of all kinds of lead. The company strives to incorporate the latest technologies that would increase productivity without sacrificing the product’s quality, while also following a set of ethical, moral, and quality standards that makes the production process safer. As time progressed, it became necessary to diversify our portfolio, hence our entry into the battery energy industry. Our experiences dealing with the quality needs of other battery companies, combined with our own knowledge of the industry and our quality standards, have allowed us to establish the Egyptian Company for Manufacturing Lead and Battery, where we began to produce our own high-quality, competitive batteries. Our laboratories and analytical devices, run by our highly experienced and professional technical department, conduct quality control observations and reviews throughout the different manufacturing stages to ensure that the end result is a high-quality product able to perform in various conditions.

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