Why our Batteries?

Our history begins in 1940 with the Lead Manufacturing, Melting and Refining Factory, one of the first companies in the lead processing industry in Egypt and the Middle East, where we excel in the production of the primary component of any battery: lead. Our long history in processing lead and refining it to the desired grade, has allowed us to acquire an unrivaled experience in the production of all kinds of lead. The company strives to incorporate the latest technologies that would increase productivity without sacrificing the product’s quality, while also following a set of ethical, moral, and quality standards that makes the production process safer. As time progressed, it became necessary to diversify our portfolio, hence our entry into the battery energy industry. Our experiences dealing with the quality needs of other battery companies, combined with our own knowledge of the industry and our quality standards, have allowed us to establish the Egyptian Company for Manufacturing Lead and Battery, where we began to produce our own high-quality, competitive batteries. Our laboratories and analytical devices, run by our highly experienced and professional technical department, conduct quality control observations and reviews throughout the different manufacturing stages to ensure that the end result is a high-quality product able to perform in various conditions.

The production process and quality of the company.

–  We produce all types of batteries, of various sizes and capacities, which operate in the harshest conditions of work with ease and without requiring constant maintenance. We rely on internationally certified devices to test the quality of our product during all stages of production, ensuring our product conforms to international standards and is free of defects. Our product is subjected to numerous quality test, qualifying it to compete locally and globally, thus emphasizing the company’s ability to manufacture batteries that can withstand the harshest climatic and operating conditions. The batteries manufactured by the company passed the necessary product and quality testing allowing the company to market its product for consumption.

Company products.

We produce all battery model types for vehicles of different capabilities and capacities. Battery models include light models for vehicles such as motorcycles and TukTuks, as well as medium models for owners of all types of cars, in line with international specifications and standards set by the manufacturers of these vehicles. We also produce batteries for large trucks and heavy equipment with the same quality standards as the light and medium models. In addition, we produce a variety of deep cycle batteries for different applications according to client’s requirements. 

The advantages of Our batteries.

We include any materials that are of high-quality, tested and confirmed materials, into the production process. In order to produce an ideal product, and that applies to all stages of manufacturing and raw materials. Including the battery container made of high-impact polypropylene, resistant to various high or low temperatures that reach to the extent of freezing. It has been approved by the company’s laboratories and the quality department after testing it in heavy conditions and for long periods.

The internal configuration of the battery is never less efficient in terms of its main component, which is the primary lead ingots we produce at our factory. Our Lead alloys were manufactured uses precise balanced chemical specifications during the refining stages granting standards that were determined with the utmost accuracy and conforming to the international circulating specifications. Our Product are appropriate in all local or international markets.

Some unique properties of the product, such as corrosion resistance, which means a longer battery life and reduce emissions during the hard or normal operation process. As for the internal surfaces are made of materials that almost reach the ideal level and are covered with high-efficiency effective materials to ensure the battery retains energy for a longer period and better performance continues steadily for extended periods of time.

The whole process is categorized after careful studying all stages of manufacturing and the calculation of chemical processes by chemists specialized in the field of battery making. Specialized personal calculate the actual capacity and the ability of the battery to maintain energy and reduce emissions and heat to a minimum. With high quality performance we are able to compare and outperform the products currently on the market globally and locally.

Thus, the productive system is completed guaranteeing its batteries against any defect and in application with Egypt’s strive to provide quality product locally and international.